This change log was made available on July 3, 2015. Read the official news post. Read the IndieDB post.

The log is as follows:

  • Customers unhappy with the price, will knock the item out of it's place requiring the player or a bot to pick it back up.
  • Test bot's can be bought like any other item for 0 gold at the bottom of the order list.
  • Test bot's dock can be placed by pressing V to enter object placement in free mode, it is the last "Pole" type object.
  • Q is an all to go shop control button, it will bring up the usual order scroll and 3 new buttons in the left side (Placeholder).
  • Skills button opens and closes the skill window.
  • Bot's button will be grayed out if no bots are found on docks in the scene, when at least 1 bot exists you will be presented with a scrollable window showing a panel for each bot and 3 buttons to change its state (Currently only gathering works), on the right side when hovering over a bot's panel you will be shown what that specific bot's dock lock box contains so you can go and pick them back up.
  • Stats button currently inactive.
  • Progress bar replaced with a 360 degree filling image in the center of the screen.