This change log was made available on July 8, 2015. Read the official news post. Read the IndieDB post.

The logs are as follows:

Change Log 05.10Edit

  • Bot has lift off, land, fly, zap sounds.
  • Hovering over placed item will bring out a WIP bubble with the items information.
  • Old shield re textured + 2 new shields.
  • Animated Central UI.
  • Warriors want to buy the new shields.

Change Log 05.12Edit

  • Refurbished UI with animations and new font's, visuals.
  • Main Menu visuals reworked.
  • Fountain particles and water splashes.
  • Animated Portal.
  • More options for changing visuals.
  • The doors when opening emit dust.

Change Log 05.13Edit

  • Scroll and hand camera has raised FOV from 60 to 70.
  • New mouse cursor.
  • New item icons for a refurbished UI.
  • Item icons show in item descriptions on hover, corner of UI when selected, Quest log and item order.
  • Filter by gold in order scroll.
  • New quest log.
  • Confirmation windows for quitting and unlocking skills.
  • Minor bug fixes and updates.