This change log was made available on July 15, 2015. Read the official news post. Read the IndieDB post.

The logs are as follows:

Change Log 05.16Edit

Shop Keep - Skeletons

Shop Keep - Skeletons

  • Bot is finished and needs extensive tests.
  • Customers become skeletons on death and dissipate over time.
  • For us devs, press K for lots and lots of XP giving thousands of Keep Points.
  • Pressing I will toggle the main UI on/off.

Change Log 05.19Edit

  • Pressing P will toggle phasing through objects and walls.
  • Left Shift and Left Control raises and lowers the main camera.
  • WIP durability in place but turned off for debugging.

Change Log 05.20Edit

  • Customers dirty the floor where they walk.
  • 1,2,3,4 buttons change the players state.
  • Q and E buttons are context buttons:
    • Shop Keep state - Q opens central UI, E Opens shop.
    • Builder State - Rotates object left and right.
    • Cleaner State - Q selects Broom, E selects Hammer.
  • Dirt Directly influences the appeal of the shop, a clean shop + 30% skill gives you an overhead of 130% appeal.
  • Object durability suffers from items being placed, taken, and knocked off. A decrease to 80% durability will start to make customers ignore items on the object.
  • A chaotic customer now sometimes runs in and knocks some items off their objects. Deal with it!
  • Broom and hammer functionality, no visuals or sounds as of yet.