This change log was made available on July 20, 2015. Read the official news post. Read the IndieDB post.

The logs are as follows:

Change Log 05.24Edit

  • Combat state let's you damage objects, kill customers.
  • Skeletons now have to be removed with a broom or face an impact on shop appeal.
  • Trash piles spawn when an object is destroyed, remove with broom.
  • Customers bleed when hit, if killed ragdolls and you have to use the broom.
  • Object hit FX.
  • Blood FX.
  • Barbarians attack the player.
  • Shooting a spell drains mana, wait to recharge it.
  • Player health recharges.
  • Dead Barbarians/Customers eyes change.
  • Once a barbarian has spawned every customer, thief, havoc, innocent will just run out of the shop for their lives, kill barbarians to restore order.
  • To spawn barbarians press O (For debugging purposes for now).
  • Once a barbarian is damaged by the player (Sword damage works for now) all of them will gang up on the player.
  • Knockout animation and state done.
  • Barbarians want to destroy every display object in the store, after none are left, they will leave.
  • Havoc customer now can become any class, he will have a 1 in 25 chance to make a spawned customer want to knock off items.
  • Bots should now behave properly even with the dirt on the ground.
  • Barbarians drop their sword, you can not buy it, but you can sell it.

Change Log 05.29Edit

  • Objects will "flinch" when hit by a repair hammer or damaged.
  • Rats spawn in junk piles and will dirty the floor.
  • New Central UI Button: Statistics.
  • Statistics panel shows appeal and the causes that lower it including: Bodies, Skeletons, Junk pile count and a progress bar of how dirty the floor is.
  • Specularity in objects as a test.
  • Animated menu buttons.
  • Shop size choice (The system is here, will be used when more shops come).
  • Reworked the start of free mode.
  • Moved the "Press E to open shop" in a more appropriate place.
  • Barbarians spawn each time 100 customers spawn.
  • We have another lose condition - Shop Appeal.
  • 4 Time phases in free mode (Build, Morning, Day, Evening).
  • Skip time phases with M (Debug reasons the cost is 0 gold, so skip away).
  • Debug reasons Build mode has 0 SPM, Morning 50 SPM, Day 38 SPM, Evening 12 SPM.
  • A watch...Yeh, state 5 (Press 5 to check your watch).