This change log was made available on August 19, 2015. Read the official news post. Read the IndieDB post.

The logs are as follows:

Change Log 05.31Edit

  • Broom mesh with animation and sound.
  • Counter object has stages of deterioration, and can be fixed.
  • New Options variable (UI Size).
  • New logo on main Menu.
  • Reworked Barbarian AI size (Should no longer clip trough walls).

Change Log 06.02Edit

Version: 0.6.5631.297

  • Finally builds will have version numbers hooray!
  • If previous saved free mode shop is found, load it on game start.
  • Save shop data when the shop closes it's doors.
  • Started going to the gym at 6 AM.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Free Mode menu displays saved shop information.
  • Combat sounds.
  • New saving library, should be able to carry out to next builds.
  • Removed appeal loss check for now.

Change Log 06.02 v2Edit

Version: 0.6.5631.36594

  • Fixed issues with Shop Keep state left side UI buttons being hidden if UI size set too big.
  • Time change cycle limited to Free Mode only.
  • Load/Save Shop state data limited to Free Mode only.
  • New taxing system, additional gold amount numbers on top of current gold until I find a good place for them.
  • Customer spawn rate in free Mode increases by 20 on each time of day if shop appeal is 60% or higher.
  • Shop appeal can be 100% at maximum (With the Popular skill acquired).
  • Removed a separate scene for loading a level, it is now part of the Main Menu scene which darkens and shows a rotating cog (Will be changed later) and loads the level in which to play. Should have a smoother transition now.
  • Save and Load accumulated and outstanding tax on the end of the day.
  • Watch player state available in Free Mode only. it shows that you can Press M to skip phases and continue building, as well as states how much it would cost.
  • Fixed starting with 0 gold bug. If no save data is found you will start with 5 times your current level gold. Building up your empire bit by bit.
  • New Menu button style.
  • Changed logo in Splash.
  • Disabled the scenario button as it is totally broken with the day night cycle in place.
  • In cleaning/fixing state you are now presented with a hint of which button to press to equip Broom/Hammer.
  • Renewed Trello Gold subscription.

Change Log 06.03Edit

Version: 0.6.5632.36944

  • Fixed Accumulated tax not being removed on each tax iteration.
  • Updated Game Engine, has some fixes concerning AMD GPU's.
  • Barbarians now properly rotate to face the object they are hitting (Animation has no root in it for now, so as the barbarian is actually facing the object, the animation makes him rotate about 15 degrees to the left).
  • Ate some soup for breakfast.
  • Day phases last 5 minutes now instead of 10.
  • Barbarians no longer drop their swords.
  • Press O to spawn a big Barb called "Barbingantua" which acts as a usual barbarian, but unable to run and shakes the ground on every step. On death has 30% chance to drop a barbarian sword.
  • Remapped all AI navigation points for easier control.
  • Fixed pathing behind the front house.
  • Customers have a priority wish list, they will first search for the specific item in the shop and if found they will only take notice if the margin is fair, and buy it. For example, warriors now have a priority for a barbarian sword.
  • Barbarians will now spawn only when these conditions are met - each time 200 customers have spawned + shop appeal is higher than 70%.
  • Customers ignore items in objects that have 40 or lower durability.
  • If object durability is lower than 60 and a customer buys an item from it, they will get a 20% discount from the asking price (Skill +% and accumulated tax from each sale is calculated from the remaining 80% Gold from the sale).
  • Fixed increasing day count in any time phase.
  • You can kill thieves and customers via sword now.

Change Log 06.05Edit

Version: 0.6.5634.40236

  • All barbarian types should correctly register that all the objects are destroyed and leave.
  • Barbingantua has 200 health and hits for 80+ damage.
  • Barbingantua is immune to zapping (Just pray).
  • Customers now hold the barbarian sword item when bought.
  • Combat state engage sound.
  • You can now sweep with the broom whenever you like, it acts in a same way like the sword, just with anything that is dirty. Bodies, skeletons, trash piles, cleans everything that is in front.
  • Bots can be picked up again.
  • Check your shop value below the appeal while in Shop Keep state.
  • Customer SPM receives + (Shop Value / 50), the more value you got, the more customers are being attracted.
  • Barbingantua will now spawn if the player deals 1000 or more damage to barbarians in a single play trough (Game instance, if you quit, and reload, the damage counter resets) - making this a really rare enemy.
  • Barbarians have their health increased to 50, player base damage is 25, meaning it is a 2 hit kill now.
  • Placing an object now costs Gold (List of cost will be given later, for now they are still free for 0 Gold).
  • Placing an object emits VFX and a specific Sound for said object.
  • New stomp FX.