The counter costs 210 Shoppe coin.png coins, and can be used to place nine small items and two large items for sale. It requires you to unlock the counter, weapon rack skill before being able to use it.

Currently, the counter is the only display that can hold both small and large items. This allows you to place nearly every type of merchandise on it, which compensates for it's large size.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a counter will be under constant interaction, either by you or your customers. As such, you must pay close attention to the durability of your counters. Otherwise, they may fall apart on you during a business day. The same applies to your shelves.

Compatible MerchandiseEdit

The following items can be placed on a counter:

  • All Belts
  • All Boots
  • All Gloves
  • All Liquid Materials
  • All Potions
  • All Robes
  • All Shields
  • All Shoulders
  • All Weapons