The daily finance scroll is used to show the current financial status of the shoppe, and is freely available to you at the very start of the game.

It can be found in the backroom of the shoppe atop of a Pedestal next to the Grill and the Grandfather Bust. To use, you must press the F key. It has three different pages each with it's own purpose.


The summary page will display how much gold was earned during the day, how much was lost, and what your total is. It will also show you what furnishings are currently installed in your shoppe including their totals, and what merchandise you are currently selling including their totals.

The income page will display a list of your income, and the sources of that income. For example, gold earned from selling furniture, or gold earned from selling items. This page displays a list on the right side for any items sold.

The expenses page is similar to the income page in the way the information is listed. It will also show you the sources of your expenses and a list on the right side for any items bought.


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