The mana potion is a small squared vial made of glass, and is filled with a blue substance. To purchase this item from the order scroll, you must unlock the Tier 0 Mage skill. The buy and sell values for this item are 12 Shoppe coin.png coins.

Item InfoEdit

This item is preferred by Mages, and will frequently be purchased by them.

You can place this item on Pedestals, Shelves and Counters.

The following Quests require mana potions to complete:

  • Out of Mana - (20 mana potions)

While sending the Champion out to Forest Pick, Mountain Range or Dragonclaw Cave, there's a chance that this item can be looted from the minions.

When equipped on the champion, the item will be placed in the mana potion slot. The champion can carry a maximum of 5 mana potions. When on an adventure, the champion can use a mana potion to boost their next attack to deal maximum damage. Once the champion comes back from an adventure, they will discard any remaining mana potions.


The mana potion cannot be crafted. However, it is used as an ingredient to craft another item:

Basic Wand Liquid Junk Mana Potion Liquid Mirr Enchanted Wand
Item icon basic wand + Item icon liquid junk + Item icon mana potion + Item icon liquid mirr = Item icon enchanted wand

If put into the Grinder, the mana potion will yield:

  • 0.3 Mirr
  • 0.1 Junk Bond