The plate helm is a large item for head protection. It has a metallic color, covers the scalp and face with two eye holes while leaving the mouth exposed, and has two horns beginning from the top of the helmet and ending near the neck area, both pointed forwards. To purchase this item from the order scroll, you must unlock the Tier 1 Warrior skill. The buy and sell values for this item are 150 Shoppe coin.png coins.

Item InfoEdit

This item is preferred by Warriors, and will frequently be purchased by them.

You can place this item on Hat Racks.

The following Quests require plate helm to complete:

  • Plate Here, Plate There - (1 plate helm)

While sending the Champion out to Dragonclaw Cave, there's a chance that this item can be looted from the minions.

When equipped on the champion, the item will be placed in the hat slot and will add 30 HP to his stats.


The plate helm cannot be crafted. However, it is used as an ingredient to craft other items:

Plate Helm Liquid Junk Gold Bar Gold Bar Gold Plated Helm
Item icon plate helm + Item icon liquid junk + Item icon gold bar + Item icon gold bar = Item icon gold plated helm

Plate Helm Dragon Gem Solid Bone Solid Bone Dragon Bone Helm
Item icon plate helm + Item icon dragon gem + Item icon solid bone + Item icon solid bone = Item icon dragon bone helm

If put into the Grinder, the plate helm will yield:

  • 1.1 Metal
  • 0.8 Junk Bond