The stealth boots is a small item for foot protection. It is colored dark blue, has leather straps going around it, and covers the entire foot, ankle, and lower leg. To purchase this item from the order scroll, you must unlock the Tier 2 Rogue skill. The buy and sell values for this item are 234 Shoppe coin.png coins.

Item InfoEdit

This item is preferred by Rogues, and will frequently be purchased by them.

You can place this item on Counters and Pedestals.

The following Quests require stealth boots to complete:

  • In The Bushes Type - (1 stealth boots)

When equipped on the champion, the item will be placed in the boots slot and will add 46 HP to his stats.


The stealth boots cannot be crafted, nor is it used as an ingredient to craft another item.

If put into the Grinder, the stealth boots will yield:

  • 3.0 Metal
  • 3.0 Junk Bond