This update was released on February 26, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

  • Multiple save files – have as many Shoppes as you like.
  • Added Spring.
  • Unlockable furnishings for the player house.
  • Added some new items.
  • New happy mouth for customers.
  • New Gold gain per minute statistic.
  • You can now buy kPoints with gold.
  • The Linux builds now capture the mouse properly.
  • Quest progress will now be saved.
  • Floor mats are now more durable.
  • Plants in the garden are now saved.
  • Love Arrow Spell can no longer be purchased.
  • Changes to customer buying behaviour.
  • Players experiencing issues in selecting the Yes or No button in skills menu can now press either Y or N on the keyboard.
  • Added an FPS cap slider in Options.
  • A screenshot is now taken on saving the game and will be displayed in the load game menu.
  • Fixed issue causing saving to be prevented by Bot docks.
  • Achievement fixes.
  • Fixed issue with the Dragon Bone Armor quest.
  • Performance improvements and many small fixes.

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