This update was released on March 29, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

  • Fixed disappearing pants.
  • Customer sticking issues worked on.
  • Bot margin starts at 110% on a new placed bot.
  • Fixed Placement fx lingering after last item is placed.
  • For the time being items crafted in the cauldron drop inside your inventory.
  • New Customer UI.
  • Possibility to check customer equipment.
  • kPoint skill point buying saves shop preventing exploit.
  • Any physics items on the floor or being spawned are ignored by customers so will not be knocked around or even pushed in walls or under the ground.
  • When replacing items that the champion already had the old one will be placed in the players inventory.
  • Roof specialist was called to plug holes in the roof so the rain wont come in.
  • WIP River added in the garden.
  • Additional 2 planters added.
  • Customers will offer a single item that they "looted", better geared customers will offer better items (Looted items are items that you as the shopkeeper can not order but gain in other ways such as the champion, trash cans, rogue chests and such).
  • The champion adventures each have a champion level treshold, meaning that if the champion is equal or higher level than the treshold that adventure will take just 1 Minute instead of the default 5 Minutes.
  • The champion now receives health potions and mana potions as additional buffs, all potions are used up after an adventure if they are or are not used.
  • A single health potion will be used by the champion once his health reaches 20% to regain some lost health.
  • A single mana potion will be used by the champion if damage he is dealing is less than 50% of his maximum damage, then the damage output will be maxed for the next hit.
  • Increased colliders for item placement on objects.
  • Adjusted customer feet.
  • OSX Mouse lock fixes.
  • Anti Aliasing gives a bigger impact.
  • Bots listen to orders if they flew away and the panel did not close yet.
  • Changing champion name, saves the shop.
  • A bunch of statistics added that can be reached in the back room via the rotating order scroll. (Might have issues with old saves, so everyone is advised to load up their save, check if anything is missing in the shop or inventory, then go to the scroll, and press Delete Info on the summary scroll, then save the game, this will refresh your save file with the new required information).
  • Players can now see what kind of items and their amount is on display around the shop, how many of each furniture they have built, a detail Expense and Income statistic tracking and much more.
  • New Grinder blades.
  • Items that fall under the ground for whatever reason be it bugs or glitches will be destroyed as not to cause issues to Helper Bot's who are trying to retrieve said item.
  • Under construction building being built for future updates.
  • Dirt collision updated.
  • Shop ground collider adjusted.
  • Putting in items into the cauldron without opening the UI has been removed.
  • Grinder storage increased from 20 to 40 for all materials.
  • New Crafting UI, Easier to use UI for figuring out recipes, once a recipe is found it will be unlocked for your shopkeeper in all save files, given that you have the required materials, crafting will require pressing a single button on an unlocked recipe and the item goes straight into the players inventory.
  • Main menu has an option to Opt in to let us gather how many items were sold, no personal information is recorded, just each sale of an item.
  • Bot Panel now has a toggle on the bottom of the UI to toggle on/off bots imprint mode.
  • When having an item in your hands target a display and holding left shift press left mouse button to place that item, once placed it will imprint itself into that exact spot, bots on restock mode and imprint toggled on, will search for spaces that have their inventory items imprinted, bringing organisation to your shop.
  • Hold Left Shift while holding an item that can be placed in a display spot to see if anything is imprinted into that spot.
  • Floor mat degradation lowered.
  • Floor mats clean feet once per customer, increasing their durability.
  • Started making new Dirt Textures (WIP).
  • Dirt accumulation rate modified.
  • Groundwork done for rebindable keys and controller support (Please report if any buttons or axis that worked previously is no longer functioning, something might have been forgotten).
  • Destroying a bot dock now gives back the bot to you.
  • New Left/Right mouse button images.

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