Early Access EndingEdit

On May 20th, 2016, the early access period of Shoppe Keep will end. This means the game will officially release as a full product. However, this does not mean the game will cease development. The developers have clearly stated that updates will continue to come, just not as frequently as before.

So why have we chosen to end the Early Access period of Shoppe Keep? We feel the game already has enough content, gameplay, replayability and is stable enough to become a fully-fledged game. This does not however mark the end of its development as we are still eager to add more content to the game over the coming months, maybe even years.

~ Reel Big Kris


This update was released on May 11, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

  • Double placement issue fixed.
  • Full Xbox 360 support.
  • Performance upgrades.
  • Added build date and simplified version.
  • Bot's will ignore outside meat, grill and planters while restocking.
  • Planters all show proper placement colors.
  • You are unable to imprint planters and grills.
  • Dirt values modified.
  • QA fixes.
  • Item received notifications on the lower part of the screen.
  • Item sold notifications moved to the lower left of the screen just over the phase time text.
  • Splash screen has a clear shown button to start the Game.
  • Personal house mirror correctly resembles "Reality".
  • Credits scrolling in the Main Menu.
  • Gold Statue grants +10% to all gold Gains.
  • Dragon Bone statue grants +20% to Champion Damage.
  • 19 Old Quests have been dropped.
  • Quests now get refreshed depending on what skills you have unlocked.
  • Quests choices might duplicate on each refresh, because of the new quest choosing system.
  • 26 New quests.
  • New wizard statue for completing wizard equipment set quest.
  • Bot product placement choice logic update.
  • No more double sales while talking to customers for quests.
  • Open shop key switched to the Action key.
  • Reward statue loading crashing loading fix.
  • Controller Scheme added.

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