This update was released on May 25, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

  • Venomous pants became a normal pants item.
  • Customer talking volume increased.
  • Imprint set bots, only place on imprint slots.
  • Ingame rebind key defaults fixed.
  • Another update to customer logic trying to make them notice items near them tha they are looking for after their main target was removed or sold.
  • Instead of Any imprint it will state "None".
  • Customers insult you for your high prices.
  • Quest requiring sales of seasonal items appear only in their own season.
  • Achievement getting stuck work done, no guarantees as it's not fully the games issue.
  • kPoint buying button now works only when the scroll is open.
  • Being in build state and then pausing the game, you wont be able to place furniture by mistake.
  • Items that have fallen trough the walls or ground were usually destroyed, now they plop into your keepers inventory.

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