This update was released on June 2, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

  • Bugged empty quest making customers buy a lot in a row should be fixed.
  • Option slider which determines how many customers can exist in the world at any given point (For some this will give a big boost to performance) Best way to notice that you are having too many customers at any given point is when you notice a lot of them standing in place, not knowing where to go, or Exclamation marks popping up on objects that CLEARLY have a clear path to them.
  • Bot inventory, personal chest mouse scroll sensitivity increased, and the windows are clamped, should not fly off into nothingness.
  • Getting orders towards the Order achievements counted only the item types in an order, instead of the total amount of items, fixed.
  • State change bug is being attacked. If those who encounter it are using keyboard/mouse and notice it happen, notify me if you notice a “(!)” symbol, this will help me zero in on the issue, as well if you are stunned OR you are stuck to stun phase but can move around, it will show “You are stunned” instead of a typical state text on the top right.
  • A glitch which caused the shop scroll variable to always be on if random furniture was destroyed by degradation or barbarians, or the evil shopkeeper should be fixed, and changing states should now be unaffected.
  • Fixed tracking of removed product displays.
  • Shop colliders raised a bit so shields should not phase trough them.
  • Legendary items nerfed, too good, sorry.
  • New Mage Set.
  • New Champion adventure: The Mausoleum.
  • All Tutorial text that refers to button presses now show the exact button binded to it.
  • Trash cans nerfed, the item value that you can potentially loot from the trash can will not exceed this value:
    • Player Level x 20 gold
  • Minimum UI size increased.
  • Default UI size increased.
  • Venomous Gloves and Venomous Belt are placeable where other belts and gloves are able to be placed.
  • All Classes have a new Tier 5 item dropped in the Mausoleum, apart from the Mage, as they receive their own Tier 3 armor set dropped by the bosses of the Mausoleum.
  • Shop name when creating the shop save will be displayed on the welcome board outside the shop instead of your steam name.
  • Additional garbage collection in set frame intervals, to counter those who are having some RAM usage issues.
  • Some champion variables rounded up to not have large decimals.
  • Getting Liquid materials after placing your last item into an inventory will not show the last held item.
  • Increased the base volume for customer voices.
  • Increased alchemy panel inventory/recipe panel scroll speed with mouse wheel.

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