This update was released on June 10, 2016. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

Table, Pedestal, Counter have arrows when placing to see where items will be facing when placed.
Rotation of physics enabled items are locked so they do not cause issues.
Champion, bot and personal chest inventories will display which item you are currently selected, not just the icon but the name.
Lanterns are back (untick the options menu to use indoor shadows if performance is failing).
Doors? In Shoppe Keep? Preposterous!
You can interact with the bot by using his bot dock even when he is away.
Necromancer belt and gloves can be properly placed like other belts.
Selling to customer skills margin work properly.
Zapping thieves sometimes embedded their stolen item underground. Now they spawn much higher so no more underground stolen items.
Picking up items is easier when they are between doors.
Floor mats should no longer deny picking up items from them.
Champion uses a potion once he is lower than 50% of his max health, potion heals 20% of health.
Main camera light lowered.
Barbigantua spawn lowered to 3-4 barbarians killed (melee damage) in a single play trough.

✓ means an addition, ✗ means a removal, ≈ means a fix.

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