This update was released on August 26, 2015. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

Change Log 08.26Edit


  • Fixed placement of armour racks in Scenario 1.
  • Motion blur automatically set to off for new users. Can turn it on in the options menu if wanted.
  • International keyboard issues – Keys '[' and ']' increase and decrease price now.
  • Fixed an issue where text was covered in the building tutorial by an image.
  • Book case in stock room no longer has the properties of a super natural spirit and cannot be walked through.
  • Players can no longer escape the shoppe.
  • The interest fees perk now has a 25% chance to receive a pay-out from customer instead of being active on every single customer.
  • Adjusted the way the game quits which should prevent a crash when quitting the game.
  • Fixed an exploit where players would kill innocent customers after purchasing an item to retrieve that item back… But this exploit may return with some consequences in the future. ;)
  • Renamed Rare wish to The Sword of Barbingantua.
  • Engineering items more popular to customers.
  • Fewer Barbarians (except for scenario 1).
  • Customers More likely to buy cheaper items.
  • Scenarios should now progress in correct order.
  • Using the watch in My Shoppe now correctly charges you gold to do so.
  • Notifications now last a little longer.
  • Fixed Scenario other town – Where warrior items did not sell.
  • Fixed an issue where when purchasing the second portal upgrade, it does not work until you exit the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashes when exiting the game – let us know if you have any issues with this still!
  • Fixed an issue where customers would not spawn in Scenario 17.
  • Fixed an issue where customers would launch you into the air when they walk through you. (Added new path finding system).
  • Fixed a counter that caused customers to get stuck in Scenario 13.
  • Scenario 7 is no longer a duplicate of Scenario 6!

Shoppe Keep Additions:

  • When holding left shift in Order scrolls menu, players can purchase ten times the amount per click.
  • When setting a price for an item and dropping that particular item, all previously placed exact items will match that price – No more picking up of all items individually to change prices.
  • In the lower left corner, a timer has been added to count down upon next Shoppe appeal inspection and the next round of tax.
  • Added a note in the description of missions explaining that a fraction of profits will go towards Tax.
  • Shoppe Appeal rating now appears on the top left when opening up the order scroll.
  • My Shoppe Mode now begins with all items unlocked. With the next update, players who complete scenarios will be given an extra reward!
  • Added a door mat in My Shoppe mode which prevents each customer that walks on it to track dirt into your shoppe. This door mat cannot be repaired, so you will have to wait until end of day to replace it if it gets destroyed.
  • Added new path-finding system for AI where customers will attempt to walk around you if you block their path.