This update was released on September 2, 2015. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

Change Log 09.02Edit

  • You can see yourself when you look down.
  • Customer AI engine made from scratch (Some bugs may appear, but we got two buttons to squash them out!)
  • Pressing F while looking at a customer will initiate a small Chat meaning he will tell you what he is trying to do, and will show a trail of his next destination.
  • Pressing J will override all customers into rethinking their path, ultimately unsticking them if the code does not unstick them on its own.
  • Customers have dialogs ranging from browsing to unhappy, to scared and basic random chat.
  • Trying to jump is once again talked down on the player, literally talked.
  • The shop has unlockable zones which can be unlocked for 10k gold each in the shop statistics window.
  • A new broom in the customization panel.
  • You can unlock the outside backroom, but it is a WIP, future place for pet breeding and a personal player house.
  • Bust of your grandfather who owned the shop before you in the back room.
  • Scenarios locked out to adapt to the new shop layout.
  • Price changes with 9 and 0 keys.
  • Grow Mush and Weed.